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About Us

The experience of the Marchese family in the chestnut sector began back in 1949 from the activity of the progenitor Francesco. With Giuseppe, the third of four children, the activity, until then local, acquired a broader commercial scope, looking out onto the international market.
Francesco, Stella and Giusy, the third generation, support their parents Giuseppe and Carmela in the constant growth of the company specializing in the processing and transformation of chestnuts with a team of specialized professionals.

The company currently boasts two production plants, one in Italy in Cervinara, in the province of Avellino, and the other in Portugal, to guarantee a constant and quality supply to customers and partners. In December 2016 company obtained the IFS certification, which is associated with the Global Gap certification and the BIO certification for fresh chestnuts.

Chestnuts arrive directly from the production areas and are selected and processed to be assigned to the three production lines: fresh chestnuts, frozen peeled chestnuts and snack chestnuts. Recently launched on the market, the Marchese snack has immediately become the flagship product thanks to its healthy and tasty characteristics and the lack of added sugars.
In fact, natural chestnuts are rich in potassium, ideal for those who practice sports, phosphorus, an ideal natural calcifier for growing children, folic acid, particularly recommended for pregnant women. All this makes them ideal for those who want to combine well-being and goodness.
The Marchese Company has always stood out for its seriousness, punctuality and professionalism and this is precisely what has allowed it to establish and consolidate relationships with established Italian and foreign companies.

Combining these typical constants of the strong family tradition with technological innovation, Marchese aims to become an absolute reference in the international chestnut market.