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M.G.M. since December 2016 it is IFS certified, certifying our ability to provide safe products, compliant with contractual specifications and legal requirements. This has allowed us to become a food retailer in Europe and in the world.

The Global Gap certification ensures the quality and control of the products, both in the field and in the packaging warehouses. Furthermore, the new requirements introduce a clear interest in verifying and maintaining the characteristics of the products, also through the control of temperatures and storage conditions

The BIO certification for fresh chestnuts qualifies our organic suppliers (who demonstrate compliance with the organic production method issued by the reference body).

It also guarantees that the M.G.M. performs:

  • checks upon receipt of organic products
  • separation of the two production cycles, biological and conventional (caution and prevention to avoid contamination), even during transport.
  • analysis TROUGH CERTFIED laboratories ( part of the italian system for the accreditation of test laboratories)
  • management of non-conformities: all precautions must be taken to avoid the coexistence of the biological with products treated in post-harvest or re-mixing between conventional and organic products.